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About Us

Our Mission

  • Use a holistic approach to sports
  • Allow for both directed and exploratory learning
  • Strike a balance between structure and freedom
  • Create a community environment
  • Develop life-long love of sport and activity
  • Provide a continuing and varied sporting experience for the community

Meet The Founder

I grew up with a passion for sports and always knew I wanted to be involved in sports.  As a high school and collegiate athlete, I learned first hand the importance of good coaching and a strong mental game.  Originally intending to become a college soccer coach, I spent nearly every weekend during the year, and several weeks each summer, coaching soccer teams in South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina, California, and Oregon, improving my craft.

Through my experiences in coaching teams and camps, I found that while the soccer skills training was typically good and the activities fun, by and large they missed the bigger picture.

From my early days of coaching, I envisioned an organization whose coaching included not only skill-building and learning the game, but also stressed the importance of nutrition, proper stretching, positive thinking, and the mental game.

As an athlete, coach, parent, and sport psychology consultant with over 20 years experience in youth sports, I created BaxterSports – Camps, Clinics, Coaching, and Consulting – to continue my work and provide a great environment for athletes to learn and grow in all aspects of life.

Brian Baxter - Founder & Director of BaxterSports

Brian Baxter Owner / Director / Sports Psychologist

The Team

We work with a solid bunch.

Coach Blake

Our main camp director, Blake definitely runs the show! A former college baseball player and currently is an attendance officer at Camas High School.

Coach Trevan

Known for his easy going ways, kids love coach Trevan. During the school year, he works at Liberty Middle School as a Para Edcuator.

Coach Linus

Started as a camper in 2010, he's coached for 6 years now. Plays soccer at Soca University in Southern Cal. Younger brother Finn is also a coach, and Nevin is a camper.

Coach Keller

Our assistant director, Keller has experience as a competitive soccer coach and is an elementary PE teacher in WA.

Coach Cedar

started as a camper in 2010, he's been coaching for 5 years now. Cedar plays soccer at Cleveland High School in SE Portland.

Coach JJ

A track star at High Point University in North Carolina, JJ is in her 4th year coaching. She plans to be a child psychologist after graduation, but we think she should go into coaching!

Our History

Founded as a sport psychology consulting firm in the Bay Area, CA

Moved to Portland, OR.

First soccer camp held.

First soccer team mini-camp.

Became director of SPINw.

First All-Sports and Competitive Soccer Camps. 

First All-Sports Spring Break Camp. 

First All-Sports Winter Break Camp.

First Portland Ultimate Camp. 

First Four Pillars Elite Soccer Camp. 

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