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Beautiful goal by youth team in Greece!

We all love goals in soccer.  They are sometimes pretty rare, so each one has that much more meaning to it.  Most highlights are of insane volleys and cool moves, but the ones I like the most are the goals with great set-ups, sweet assists, and team play.

Check out this video of a goal by a youth team from Greece….

This is the “right” way to play soccer.  Short passing, keep the ball moving most of the time, some sweet fakes and dribbling moves at the right times, and not afraid to go backward to open up space to go forward.   In the youth game here in the US, this play would rarely happen because coaches will not typically allow this type of play.  The reason is that if a mistake happens it could cost a goal, and maybe the game:  winning > development.

The art of the great youth coach is to provide an environment where kids can feel like it’s okay to try to play this way.  To be able to learn from mistakes that may happen.  To eventually be able to succeed at doing something like  this.