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Spain trip 3 – Ties, ties, ties

So we've seen 4 games live now, and 4 ties. Champions League, Europa League, La Liga and La Liga 2nd Division.  All ties.  Two of them were by way of…

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Barca ->Valencia -> Barca

Friday, Dec 7 - we just arrived back in Barcelona after a 1 night trip to Valencia. We were going to stay longer, but one of the game days was…

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Bienvenidos de Barcelona!

Hi guys, I will be in Spain from Dec 3-11, and will try to blog about the experience as much as possible. I am here with a group of coaches…

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Cool contest – Awesome Story

The Portland Timbers held a fan photo contest to win season tickets for the 2012-12 season. Check out what happened for the battle between the top 2. Pretty cool!

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Fun moment from

This is a fun video.  A retiring soccer player gets subbed out of his last game, and they put in his 5-year old son!  Too cool  

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Brian interviewed by Stumptown Footy

   I had a nice chat with writer Ryan Gates from the Portland Timbers blog Stumptown Footy, earlier this week about the Timbers home field advantage and late-game collapses. "Sports…

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RSL’s game winner vs the Timbers broken down has a cool video feature breaking down goals.  This one featured Beckerman's volley in stoppage time last weekend.  As painful as it is to relive, it's pretty cool soccer…

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