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Coaching Pathway

BaxterSports Coaching Pathway

Our Core Values

A Holistic approach to sports

Create a Community Environment

Foster a Positive Growth Mindset

Develop a life-long love of a sport or activity

Provide a continuing sporting opportunity for the community

Strike the balance between structure and freedom

Allow for both directed and exploratory learning

As BaxterSports has grown, the interest level in becoming a coach at our camp has increased rapidly.  In the early days, Brian hired coaches he knew personally, and from there, it spread to word of mouth–an existing coach would recommend a friend.  As we began to add to our staff from the growing pool of former BaxterSports campers, we started the YLDP, a camp where they could develop their own leadership skills and learn how to be a coach.  We are now at a point where prospective coaches are reaching out to us, and we have expanded to hiring some amazing coaches who had never previously been a part of our camps.  So where does that leave us for 2023?  We have created this page to answer all your questions regarding when and how we will be hiring BaxterSports coaches this summer.

Pathway to Coaching:  Roles, and Programs Defined

Campers vs. Coaches

Our camps are designed for kids aged 5-14. 

We have All Sports and Soccer camps for K-8th students (ages 5-13) and Competitive versions of these camps for 4-9th graders (ages 9-14). 

We offer our Youth Leadership camp to 8th-10th graders (ages 13-15).

Paid coaches at our camps are aged 14 and above.

Future Coaches Training (FCT)
– This is a voluntary program for 6-8th graders (ages 11-14).

The goal of these 2-3 hour periodic sessions is to identify campers who show promise or express interest in leadership and coaching, and give them the basics of coaching, teamwork, and leadership. They are usually scheduled during the off-season, typically on school holidays like President’s Day, or on a weekend day.

The purpose of FCT is:
1 – To provide more opportunities for youth in our community

2 – To improve overall leadership

3 – To give young leaders the beginning of a pathway to coaching

Cost: Free to everyone
How to join:  This program is by invitation only.

Youth Leadership Development Program (YLDP)

The goal of this program–now in its 6th year–is to offer an intensive experience of learning and practicing coaching and leadership.

A week-long camp for rising 8th, 9th and 10th graders, where we will focus on skills such as:  public speaking, teamwork, communication, sport psychology and positive mindset, goal setting, planning and executing activities.


The purpose of the YLDP is:

1 – To give campers a “hands on” experience of what it’s like to be a BaxterSports coach.

2 – To use morning sessions to teach campers skills that they can use in school, sports, and all areas of life, in addition to as a camp coach. 

3 – To have campers then spend their afternoons putting these skills into practice within the broader All Sports, All Girls, or Soccer Camp.

Cost: Same as a week of camp

How to join:  We will be holding Youth Leadership Development Camps the following dates/locations in 2023: Rose City Park All Sports Camp June 19-23; Woodstock Park All Girls Camp June 26-30; Fernhill Park All Sports Camp July 10-14; Woodstock Park All Sports Camp July 31-Aug 4. Potential Youth Leaders will start by submitting an application.

Paid Coaches – Age 14+.  

Typically already in high school and have completed Youth Leadership Camp or attended some off-season training (although this is not mandatory).

The decision to hire coaches is a thorough process.  We take into account these factors:

1 – Age, Grade and Experience level

Our camps are meant for 5-13 year olds.  And in 99% of the cases, we do not have coaches younger than this.  There are some rare exceptions that our directors reserve the right to make.   So that said, 14 is the youngest age at which coaches will be paid.

2 – “Readiness”

Maturity, communication skills, responsibility. Being a coach requires a presence that commands respect from the kids you are coaching.  This is an intangible quality that usually is the result of “readiness.”

3 – Special Skills

For example, at Soccer camps, we prefer soccer players, etc..

4 – Performance

Great coaches demonstrate a high aptitude in the following categories that we deem essential for a well run camp: Professionalism, Engagement, Proactivity, Reactivity, and Communication. We conduct periodic evaluations to help coaches set and maintain goals so that they can continue to make strides in these areas.

5 – Logistics and Availability

How many camps are going each week, how many campers do we have, how many coaches do we need, who is a good fit for which camp? These are all considerations as we coordinate coaching schedules for the summer.

6 – BaxterSports “alum” status

Those who have previously been a camper know first-hand what makes our camps so fun and that experience is helpful.

How to join:

New Coach Candidates:  Please email with 2-3 sentences describing your situation and interest in the camp, as well as a resume.
Returning Coaches:  Fill out this form.

Probably the most fun your child will ever have at a sports camp. Sign them up and let your little ones be the judge!