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Online Community Workouts will be back!

For more workouts go to the BaxterSports Youtube channel

How does it work?

1) Email to get a link.
2) I will email you the link(s) and a worksheet for players to track progress
3) Print out the worksheet
4) Use the link to login as early as 15 minutes before start

What will I need?

  • Computer, phone, or tablet
  • Pen and notebook
  • Soccer ball
  • About a 10×10 space

How much does it cost?

Due to the current situation, we have decided to make this offering pay-what-you-can-afford.

Suggested cost is 
1 class – $20
T/Th – $35
M/W/F – $50
5 classes – $75

Thank you for supporting local small businesses!

“My son loved it. Impressed how well you kept the kids engaged.  He is definitely doing the Wed and Fri sessions”

“I thought it went great! My son said he felt a little 🤢after all the push-ups and crunches, but it was good to see him pushing himself. He doesn’t do that on his own.” 

 “I was on my own zoom meeting during the session :D, so I didn’t really get to watch. Good news: My kiddo did it and didn’t stop – so he must like it!”

“Nice work, great stuff for the athletes!”

“Thanks again for running these workouts! THey are truly keeping my daughter sane and helping her to keep onnected with soccer as well as deal with her sadness over the canceled spring season.”

“Hi, I am hoping we can keep doing the 9am sessions. It makes us get out of bed and start our day at a reasonable time of day 3x a week at least. Honestly it’s been a life saver in that regard.”

“Thx Brain that was great!! :)”

“Hi Brian; You are doing an above and beyond job with these soccer conditioning virtual sessions. Mason has to do some form of PE for school and this is now what he uses for his “credit”. You do a great job of engaging the kids! Thank you!”

“Thank you for offering our kids indoor P.E.! (My kids) have enjoyed it (even if there was sometimes relectance to get out of bed). Haha!”

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