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How to Visualize

I just released a new relaxation and visualization audio program for athletes called Sports Mindset Audio. Visualization can be defined as: " "Mentally rehearsing a skill, action, or outcome that…

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Portland Barefoot Soccer tournament

3v3 Portland Barefoot Festival Attention Soccer fans! Kids 2nd grade through high school! Adults who want to play barefoot!  Bubble soccer players!  Soccer carnival participants!  Spectators! It is time for…

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Youth Sports Hydration

Why Your Child Needs To Be Hydrated A young athlete's hydration is critical to their safety and success in sports. The human body consists of between 50% - 75% water…

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Another reason we juggle!

Kinda like Nagbe's amazing goal a couple seasons ago, check out this use of juggling with the top of the foot to score a goal. Wow.

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