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Portland Barefoot Soccer tournament

3v3 Portland Barefoot Festival

Attention Soccer fans! Kids 2nd grade through high school! Adults who want to play barefoot!  Bubble soccer players!  Soccer carnival participants!  Spectators!

It is time for the 7th annual 3v3 Portland Barefoot Festival raising money for youth HIV education in Africa….Sunday, June 5 at Concordia University.

The Portland Barefoot festival raises money for an organization in Africa that benefits HIV youth education.  Teams of 3-5 friends of any soccer level or team regardless of prior experience are welcome.  Kids play 4 games (15 minutes each) barefoot.  They are invited to make their own tee shirts and think of a creative name.  Kids also have the option of participating in the soccer carnival.  Or meet a Portland Timber or Thorn.  It’s a day of bonding with the way kids play around the globe.   

Register kid and adult teams here:

Anyone 14 years or older can volunteer, sign up here:

The Portland Barefoot is proud to raise money for Grassroot Soccer, an organization teaching and empowering youth in Africa about HIV using soccer (  Currently the Portland Barefoot is the largest fundraising soccer tournament for Grass Roots in the world

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