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All Girls Camps

All Girls Camp

OOver the years, we’ve heard from parents that their daughters love spending their summers at our All Sports Camp, but their one wish is for more girls! Our response was to come up with a camp not only guaranteeing MORE girls, but ALL girls. In doing so, we created a summer experience that was devoted to female competitors of all skill, experience, and grade levels while being run entirely by women athletes and coaches.

These camps give young female athletes the space to learn, experiment, and find themselves on the field. Our All Girls camps expand on the All Sports experience with a larger focus on both team building and individual success through collaboration, positivity, and creativity.

At All Girls Camp, each day is comprised of a combination of active play and free play. We’ll spend our mornings doing skills training in sports like basketball, soccer, tennis, and softball, then transition into shade games and all-camp events. Each afternoon brings a different activity such as obstacle course design, scavenger hunt, talent show, Halloween in July, and a coaches vs. campers water battle we like to call “Frozen 3”.

Youth Leadership Development at All Girls Camp

But wait there’s more! Is your potential female camper a rising 8th, 9th or 10th grader? We also offer an intensive experience of coaching and leadership through a combination of educational and practical exercises at our All Girls Youth Leadership Development Program.

These camps focus on skills such as:

1 – Public speaking
2 – Communication and teamwork
3 – Goal setting
4 – Sport psychology and positive mindset
5 – Planning and executing activities

In order to give campers a firsthand experience in what it’s like to be a BaxterSports Camp coach, the day is split into a morning session where the discussion revolves around leadership topics that campers can use in school, sports, and other areas of life, and an afternoon session where campers put these skills into practice within the broader All Girls Camp. 

Making friends, getting exercise and having tons of fun!

All Girls 2022 Camp Calendar

Probably the most fun your child will ever have at a sports camp. Sign them up and let your little ones be the judge!