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Competitive All Sports

Introducing: Competitive All Sports

FC Barcelona is world-famous for their men’s soccer team. But did you know that FC Barcelona is part of a club that includes mens and womens sports like team handball, basketball, futsal, track and field, and roller-hockey?

Did you know that multi-sport athletes are able to cross-train and are injured less and burnout less than those who specialize in one sport exclusively?

BaxterSports was originally a soccer camp. We started All Sports Camp to add a multiport option to our programming, and it’s taken off. We started a Competitive Soccer Camp to provide a camp experience for older, more experienced players who want more intensive training and competition. With all this in mind we are proud to introduce Competitive All Sports Camp! This camp will be constantly evolving, but like Competitive Soccer Camp, it will include the following:

  • Sport psychology (internal motivation, perseverance, being a teammate, etc)
  • Physical training (speed and agility, yoga, strength and endurance, etc)
  • Skills training for multiple sports 
  • Week-long competitions in multiple sports:
    – soccer
    – basketball
    – baseball
    – ultimate
    – track and field
  • Other fun games like dodgeball, capture the flag, and kickball may make appearances

This camp is for athletes ages 9-14. Camps will run Monday-Thursday and will be held at Lents Park in SE Portland. Contact for more info.

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Competitive All Sports Camps

This 4-day camp is designed to address the technical, tactical, physical, and mental components of sports.
Each of the Four Pillars are addressed equally through classroom-style instruction and on-field play.