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So Many Sports, So Little Time

When we say “All Sports Camp,” we really mean all sports. Your kids will love that every day brings something new, fun, and exciting. From June through August, we run weekly camps at parks and gymnasiums across the Portland metro area, so have a look to see which is nearest to you. We may play dodgeball one morning and kickball the next; rain might drive us inside for a great game of basketball, or a sunny day could mean we have a great soccer tournament planned. For more targeted soccer training, check out our youth soccer camp for 5-to-13 year-olds. If your young athlete is looking to up their game to the next level, we have competitive all sports or competitive soccer camp for 9-to-14 year-olds. Whatever your son or daughter loves to play, we probably have it on the schedule. Our hope is that at the end of their time with us, they’ll have a new favorite sport to add to their list.

New Skills

BaxterSports promotes having fun while building new skills, so each day at camp includes sessions devoted to learning something new about the game, strategies for success, and new moves or techniques. Players build on these skills as teammates, putting into action their new free throw form, cross-field pass, or Frisbee toss. Working from the ground up as a team means that our athletes help and support each other as teammates. Physical success leads to emotional well-being, which in turn leads to greater self-confidence for our campers, both on the field and in everyday life.

All Sports Camp also includes time to learn about healthy eating and physical awareness. We treat all of our players as great athletes with limitless potential and we want to guide them on the best path to being well-rounded athletes and individuals. This means our coaches model and teach nutrition and stretching along with field drills; we focus on the mental game, positive thinking, and goal-setting. This holistic approach is why we are consistently rated the best Summer Sports Camp in Portland

Sportsmanship and Respect

Our core values at BaxterSports are our love of playing sports, our commitment to our team and our Portland community, and our belief that having fun and living a healthy life makes successful athletes. At our All Sports Camps, we make this the focus of every day. Sports bring us all together, regardless of which sport we choose to call our favorite. Our players respect each other as unique, passionate athletes. As coaches and parents, we love to watch the camaraderie that grows among our players as they share their knowledge and enthusiasm with each other.

Making friends, getting exercise and having tons of fun!

All Sports Camp Calendar

Probably the most fun your child will ever have at a sports camp. Sign them up and let your little ones be the judge!