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Sport Psychology

Youth Sport Psychology

Located In Portland OR

BaxterSports has been a Portland Sports institution for the past ten years. We coach young athletes to find the fun in their sport while increasing their skills and competitive edge. The cornerstone of our approach is our attention to youth Sport Psychology. Great athletes are more than just their physical prowess and skill set. They are well-rounded, healthy players who value proper nutrition and practice positivity in every aspect of their lives.

Brian Baxter, Founder and Director of BaxterSports, is one of Portland’s premier developers of youth sport psychology.

As a Director of AMPlify Sports Psychology, Brian is committed to the emotional and mental well-being of his players, their families, and the Portland athletic community. By combining cutting edge Sport Psychology with award-winning on-the-field coaching, Brian and the team at BaxterSports provide a complete sports education that allows players to reach their potential and exceed expectations.

Sports Meets Science

It seems like every day brings a new development in Sports Science that increases performance, enhances output, or maximizes endurance. From heart rate monitoring to VO2 Max training regimens, sports supplements to recovery drinks, we are adding more and more scientific breakthroughs to our training. Sport Psychology is a logical and cutting edge addition to our scientific, athletic arsenal. Bridging the gap between physical performance and mental preparedness, this field is growing quickly to help players, coaches, and teams address the emotional stability to succeed in game.

N.B. Sport Psychology is a training philosophy, not a diagnostic field. We are happy to refer athletes in need of psychological diagnosis or treatment to diagnostic psychologists and psychiatrists in our excellent Portland sports medicine network.

Sport Psychology Services

BaxterSports offers a wide range of Sport Psychology Services for players, teams, coaches, and parents. Please see our consulting and workshop options below. For additional needs, please contact us and we’ll work with you to ensure you are ready to play!

Build Confidence

  • Do you doubt your athletic abilities?
  • Do you worry you won’t live up to your team’s expectations?

Every athlete has moments when they doubt their talents. Working with our trained Sport Psychology coaches, you’ll learn to identify your strengths and build a strong faith in your abilities. We’ll lead you through techniques to defeat those sabotaging thoughts before they get the better of you.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety Before Games

  • Do you doubt your athletic abilities?
  • Do you worry you won’t live up to your team’s expectations?

Our proven-successful methods of counseling and coaching the mental game help you find peace with your performance. We’ll introduce you to practices for emotional and mental calm, focusing on how to control your emotions before, during, and after competition. Less stress is good in every aspect of your life. Our strategies don’t just help in the game, but in your everyday life as well.


  • Do you have trouble focusing during practice?
  • Do you lose sight of your goals?

Let the coaches at BaxterSports teach you how to keep your focus. This is more than just “eye on the ball” advice. We work with you on an individual basis to ensure that your can visualize your goals and achieve them. From being a more reliable teammate to a more consistent performer, learning how to focus your emotional and mental game can make a big difference in your overall success.

Performance: Consistent and Confident

  • Do you want to be more confident on the court?
  • Are you worried about inconsistent performance on the field?

We all have bad days, but if you feel like you can’t give your all every time, no matter how many laps you run or practice shots you take, let us help you improve your mental performance. You can beat that slump! Sport Psychology counseling helps you rediscover what motivates you to help you be successful again. We’ll cover visualization techniques and practice methods that will help you approach each practice and game with confidence.

Champions behave like champions they are champions.

–Bill Walsh

Probably the most fun your child will ever have at a sports camp. Sign them up and let your little ones be the judge!

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