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Spring Break Camp

Spring Break Sports Camps

Located in Portland, OR

The party is on at Club Baxter, the all-inclusive destination staycation for Portland’s littlest spring breakers!

Relax and unwind from the grind with dodgeball, capture the flag, soccer, basketball, kickball, and more

Take a spin on the Activity Wheel and let fate decide if you and your friends will limbo, dance battle, or do whatever Simon Says. 

A 4-day camp with a different theme each day, you could find yourself on a scavenger hunt in a magical forest, in an obstacle course on safari, or dodging cannonballs on a pirate cruise. 

Stay tuned for more info! Every kid is welcome at Club Baxter…because every parent deserves a break!

All Weather

Nothing holds us back at BaxterSports. For those rainy Spring Breaks, you will find our active young athletes running, jumping, and shooting around inside a local gymnasium. When the rain happens to subside, we have the option to get outside to enjoy the sunshine.

The all sports schedule changes daily and is easily adaptable to whatever Mother Nature has in store. Staying in Portland for Spring Break has never been more fun for kids, or more relaxing for parents.

Multiple Sports and More

As one of the Directors at AMPlify Sport Psychology, Brian understands the importance of training psychological and mental skills while also improving physical skills. As a result of an awesome, fun-filled, all-sports week, our young athletes will not only play everything from soccer to Frisbee and capture-the-flag, they will also learn about sportsmanship and the importance of positive thinking. They will learn from coaches, make new friends, and come together as a Spring Break team.

Every day brings something new to try. Players who love basketball will discover new techniques and get lots of court time in large and small games. Campers excited to learn about soccer will find drills and practice time to get the fundamentals and then put them to use in mini-tournaments.

Our indoor sports include soccer, basketball, capture-the-flag, kickball, and dodge ball, just to name a few. Outside, we have bigger fields, bigger games, and get to add sports like Ultimate Frisbee to our lineup. Players compete in races for speed and distance, practice hand-eye coordination, and learn fundamental skills for all of our activities.

Different Skill Levels

The staff at BaxterSports have combined decades of experience as community leaders, mentors, coaches, players, and parents, to create a truly unique camp for kids. We welcome boys and girls of all experience levels to come join our spring break team. Age based groups of young athletes practice new skills and strengthen their current ones. Regardless of skill, we include everyone and encourage them play to their strengths. We want them to head home every day felling  happy, healthy, and confident.

Spring break means fun, freedom, and friends. Young athletes enjoy all of this at spring break sports camp. We support a well-rounded approach to sports where kids’ skills are matched by their healthy attitudes. Our thoughtful, tried-and-true balance of free play and structured game-time lets kids be kids and become better athletes at the same time.

Sportsmanship and Respect

What drives us here at BaxterSports is our love of playing sports, a commitment to our team and our Portland community, and our belief that having fun and living a healthy life makes successful athletes. At our all-sports spring break camp, we make this the focus of every day – sports brings us all together, regardless of whether basketball or football or kickball is our favorite. Our players respect each other as unique, passionate athletes. As coaches and parents, we love to watch the community that grows among our players as they share their skills and enthusiasm with each other.


Probably the most fun your child will ever have at a sports camp. Sign them up and let your little ones be the judge!