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5 Awesome Benefits Of Summer Sports Camps

benefits of summer sports camp - baxter sports camps in portland orIt’s time to get excited for summer camps! What are your kids thinking about as school ends? No homework? Vacation? More time with friends? Why not add an exciting week or more at a Summer sports camp to their list! They will love it!

Summer camps are the perfect opportunity for your son or daughter to stay active and have fun as the Summer weeks roll by. They will wake up every day excited to learn new skills, make new friends, and become better athletes and teammates. You will rest easy knowing they are doing something they love: playing sports and games. At every level – whether your daughter is hoping to make varsity next year or your son wants to learn how to play soccer – there is a camp experience that is right for your family.

Here are 5 great reasons for why you should  send your child to a sports camp this Summer!

Make New Friends

Even if your son or daughter picks a sports camp with their friends, there will be lots of new kids to meet there, too.

Camps are designed to introduce your child to a big, new group of aspiring fellow athletes. From neighbors to old friends to rival teammates, the fun-first atmosphere of a summer camp allows kids to relax, be themselves, and be open to new friends and new experiences. They will meet new friends with different backgrounds, from different schools, and with different sports interests.

By getting out there and making these new friends, your son or daughter will discover the world is a better, more exciting place where strangers quickly become friends, where teammates support you on and off the field, and where a love of being outside and playing games bridges all divides.

Learn New Skills

Summer sports camps are designed so that your child has a good balance of work and play. Lessons and drills are mixed with games and structured mini-tournaments. Depending on the age, there may also be “free” time with less formal playtime allowing your young ones some freedom to run around and “just be a kid.”

The coaches and mentors at your local camp want your son and daughter to have fun in a safe, supportive environment. They also know that your child wants to learn new skills to improve their game and show off to friends and family. Practices are important to hone skills and learn new techniques, while scrimmages and tournaments allow them to try out their new moves.

From improving their shot to becoming a better blocker, your son or daughter will learn something new every day to make them a better, more confident athlete.

Create a Healthy Lifestyle

During a great sports camp, players don’t just learn new skills, they learn new lifestyle choices as well. Our coaches are models on the field and off, mentoring players in athletic techniques as well as healthy food and wellness choices. Coaches know how to fuel their bodies and their minds to be better athletes and they share their smart lifestyle choices with players.

Many summer sports camps take the time to incorporate life skills into their practices and lessons. Your daughter may learn about the importance of eating the right foods to be a more efficient athlete; your son may learn some yoga poses to work into his stretching routine in improve flexibility. Don’t be surprised when the benefits of going to camp are more than just athletic improvement, but an overall happier, healthier child.

Practice Teamwork

There is no better way to practice new skills than by playing on a team. No matter how many jumps shots your son practices in the driveway, he will only really get better by taking those shots in a game, by having to work against a smart defender, by having teammates to support him.

At each sports camp, teamwork is key. We want your daughter not only to play with her friends, but also to play for her friends. In the fun environment of a summer camp, your child will enjoy the positive reinforcement that comes from being a part of a team. They will practice supporting friends and strangers, and learn to be self-less and self-aware. They will grow as great people by being great teammates.

Gain Confidence

Without the pressure of a formal team and official season, your child will be able to learn new sports skills and life skills confidently over the Summer. They will discover that they have the ability to improve and to be a great teammate without any distraction. They will remember that playing the game is just playing games and having fun. In this safe, fun space, you will see their confidence grow as both athletes and wonderful young individuals. This Summer is the right Summer to get started!